Our training is designed to fit You and Your Dog's needs/ability.

We try our best to modify and accommodate you and your dog in performance while maintaining the best possible attitude. 

We train for waterfowl & upland hunting; basic obedience &  AKC Hunt Test Titles.  We have been ranked number 3 in the country in 2014 by Retriever Field Trial News!  We train year around, traveling to Vernon, FL during the winter months.
Peak Performance Training
Van Lee's Travel'in Man MNH QAA
Van Lee's Travel'in Man MNH QAA
Tammy Adsitt, Sean Hager, and Renee Adsitt-Hager
Training In:
Holland, NY  April-December Vernon, FL   January-March

*Van Lee's Travelin' Man MH
*Van Lee's TNT MH
*Van Lee's Hot Shot MH
*Zipcode's Strutting Riptide MH
*Peaks Gamin' Gal MH
*Peaks Hidden Agenda MH QAA
*Peaks AKS Wishin' Well MH
*Peaks General of the Seebees MH
*Peaks Travelin' With My Bud MH
*Bellburn's Laird Angus MH
*Van Lee's Travelin' Gunslinger MH
*Rocky Creeks Hear the Thunder MH
*Warne Ziva Kumi Ori MH
*Portland Hollows Red Baron MH
*Peaks Gettin' to the Top MH
*Bellburns Rocky Mount MH
*Muddybay's Sweet Tart MH
*Drake Hager MH
*Adams Acres Kelli MH QAA
*Dreammeyers Hope of the Summit MH
*Spooks Foxie Lady MH
*Stoney Lane Fly High in the Sky MH
*Windy K's Just Got To Do It MH
*McCoy's Black Cloud Avery MH
*Southlands Sarge of Larke MH
*Dreammeyers Faith At the Summit MH
*Huntfield's Jersey Shore MH
*Muddy Bay's Stormy Night MH
*Dreammeyers Stella Blue Me Away MH
*Sweet Ella Bella MH
*Sir Francis Duck Master O'Millers One MH
*LZL Loaded Gun MH
*Portland Hollows Cloe MH
*Seasides Game On Dude MH
*Muddybays Sage Girl MH

*Frank's Sadie Lady SH
*Winterbranch Hannah's Ace SH
*Winterbranch Mersadies SH
*SD Aberdeen Abby SH
*Forrest for the Three C's SH
*Gunner First Class V SH
*AKS Hannah Grace Be Kertenis SH
*Waterpark's Pepper SH
*Peak's Tough Gun SH
*Keepsake's Red Ryder of HVL SH
*Van Lee's Fast Track SH
*Peak WIld Things Run Fast SH
*LZL's Shotgun Rain SH
*Ki Va Orech- Going through Max Q SH
*Peaks Gonna Be A-Maze-in' SH
*LZL Treasure Huntin' for Peak SH
*FRK's Clancey SH
*Alys Chocolate Chunk SH
*Remington Steel Withers SH
*Rugers Running the Woods SH
*Cynder's Black Gold SH
*Pine Crest Magnificent Morgan SH
*Muddybay's Maximum Overdrive SH
*Topbrass Belle SH
*Red Right 88 SH


*Surely You Can't be Serious JH
*Van Lee's Ruger JH
*Peaks One Sweet World JH
*Kingseeds Peak Smokin' Gun JH
*Roxy's Molly Brown JH
*Smooth Running Lexus JH
*Tatonka's Jager JH
*Wiscoy's Jack Sparrow JH
*Smiths Muddy Water Hunter JH
*GCH Ghostones Otterly Fantastic *Hollywood Kid JH
*Goldie Wilmont Conroy JH
*Coco Channel XXX JH
*Chester Penders JH
*Kingseeds Peak Gamblin' Man JH
*Jebb Cant JH
*Augustus Stonehill Jaeger Miester JH
*Smith's Elle Woods JH
*No Fear Finnegan JH
*Ark Angels Hudson Bay Pirate JH
*Josie Sweet Rielly JH
*Warne Leia Isabelle JH
*Keepsake's Blue Moon Goddess Selena of HVL JH
*KI VA ORECH-Going Through Max Q JH
*Peaks Aimin' High from Ironweed JH
*Daddy Dee's Brown Sugar JH
*Peaks Onyx JH
*Peaks Cocoa Smith JH
*Peaks Benelli JH
*Peaks Perfect Plunger
*Baily Empress of Buckew JH
*Five Mile Creek Harrie JH
*Deep Run Harry Gunnar JH
*Barnes Just on a Larke JH
*Hasley's Louis Pasteur JH
*Darth Vader Returns JH

Specializing in:
* Obedience Training
* Gun Dog Training  
* AKC Hunt Tests including Master National
* Stud Service
* Puppies with excellent lineage and champion backgrounds

Peaks AKS Wishin' Well MH "SPLASH"  Peaks Hidden Agenda MNH QAA  "MAZE"
Southlands Sarge of Larke MH
Adams Acres Kelli MNH QAA "KELLI"
Peaks Hidden Agenda MNH QAA "MAZE"
Bellburns Rocky Mount MH
Master National Hall of Fame:
*Van Lee's Travelin' Man MNH QAA "CRUIZE"
*Peaks Hidden Agenda MNH QAA "MAZE"
*Adams Acres Kelli MNH QAA  "KELLI"

Additional Finalists:
*Peaks AKS Wishin' Well MH "SPLASH"
*Dreammeyers Hope of the Summit MH "HOPE"
*Dreammeyers Faith At the Summit MH "FAITH"
*Windy K's Just got to do it MH "NIKE"
*Huntfields Jersey Shore MH "JERSEY"
*Muddybays Sage Girl MH "SAGE"

Dreammeyers Faith at the Summit MH
Gunner First Class V SH
Offering Hunting Dog Training and Labrador puppies
Located in Western New York (just outside of Buffalo)